Customers Guitars 2008 Yairi DYM95

2008 YAIRI  DYM95

Purchased in 2009 for. £2000. This handcrafted Alvarez-Yairi Instrument is Beautiful in every respect.Beautiful to look at,beautiful to hold,beautiful t listen to. Every note is clear and intonates perfectly. Every neck is hand crafted and sits easily in the palm of your hand.
**The guitar had a small split on the side panel
which has been professionally luthier repaired and does not affect playability or the quality of the sound.
** price reflects the professional repair.



Troubadour CLASSICAL Romanian Guitar  v/g s/h condition .This guitar in 'Natural Maple Finish compares favourably with import versions from Ozark,Montana and Blue Moon.     £100.    (telephone with offer : Ref 'Customer Guitar')